Medicine Hat College Online Payment

This page is configured to allow payments for fees in the following areas: Tuition, Library Fees / Fines, Transcript, Transfer or, other Registration/Records fee, Residence, HomeStay, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). Refunds or reimbursement for overpayment will follow the standard refund policies of Medicine Hat College. Please check your student Dashboard or connect with us at for Library fee questions or with any other questions.

All payments, once made, are assigned to the Medicine Hat College Student Account for the most recent term (if amounts are owing), followed by any other registered terms, and refunds will follow the tuition refund policies of Medicine Hat College. Payments take approximately one business day to appear on your student account.

Payments paid to a student’s account outside of a Medicine Hat College formalized sponsorship agreement, will be refunded to the student. If you are paying for another person, please do not make a payment until you have called to be made aware of any policies or procedures that may differ from your expectations should a student require a refund.

Alternative payment methods are available which, depending on your situation, may be more desireable.

You will be asked to confirm the information and submit payment on the next page.